Infinity Loop Capital

ILC owns and operates a wide variety of digital assets
reaching a yearly audience of 15 Million users

Digital Asset Development
Digital Asset Development

We build Digital Properties

ILC builds houses. Digital houses. We build them from the ground up or buy digital properties and fix them up. Through careful evaluation of online needs and opportunities, we focus on digital asset development that can scale and reach millions of users.

Our Team

Our team brings a wealth of expertise in programming, marketing and content management


Adrien Vielliard

Co-Founder & CTO

Etienne Jambou

Co-Founder & CMO

Trajche Ivanov

Senior Software Engineer

Our Digital Assets

DMV Written Test

The site helps its users practice for their upcoming dmv test. We created an intuitive platform allowing car, motorcycle and truck drivers to practice for their test efficiently.

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DMV Test Cheat Sheet

The ultimate dmv study guide, the site offers its users an ebook that covers all the material needed to increase their chances of passing their Car, Motorcycle or CDL DMV Test.

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B2B Leads

Intuitive platform for marketers and sales forces to build and effective sales pipeline.

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My Personality Test

Based on research by Briggs, Myers, and Jung, our personality test allows people uncover their ideal job, take advance of their key strengths and weaknesses, and fully understand their romantic compatibilities.

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Citizenship Test

A Simple and intuitive website to help aspiring Americans practice their upcoming citizenship exam.

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IQ Haven

Beautifully designed site allowing anyone to challenge themselves and get their IQ Score within a few minutes.

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Chemistry Coach

Probably the best resource on the web for chemistry and organic chemistry students, Chemistry Coach helps students ace their undergrad chemistry class.

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Wall Street Academy

Test prepping for financial professionals.

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Drivers Ed Coach

Certified Online Drivers Education for Teenagers aged 15 to 17. Our course is currently approved by the state of California

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The Beacon Dog Academy

Known as ‘The Dog Man in Hawaii’, Daniel Barrett has been helping dog owners for over twenty years. All of his knowledge is now accessible online. Daniel will guide dog owners through all the different techniques to help cultivate the best relationship possible with their dogs.

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